Orthopedics NANDANA - Orthopedic outpatient clinic Ostrava

Orthopedic outpatient clinic Ostrava

28. října 1837/25
702 00 Ostrava

English-speaking patients, please book an appointment with MUDr. Igor Podmajerský or MUDr. Petr Mifka only. (Online appointments preferred)

Our medical team provides above-standard healthcare to its pacients in the field of orthopedics and physiotherapy. We use state-of-the-art medical equipment and procedures for treatment.

In our medical offices, we perform a classic examination by a doctor, where the doctor consults your problem with you and recommends appropriate treatment. We specialize in adult, pediatric and sports orthopedics. We deal with traumatology of the musculoskeletal system, back surgery and also specialized prosthetics with the production of orthopedic insoles. As part of the prevention and treatment of dysplasia, you can also have your baby's hips examined. We can offer application of drugs to joints, ligaments, tendons soft tissues and give analgesic infusions. You can now also use physiotherapy services, in which we use modern methods of shock wave and high-power laser treatment. In rehabilitation we use elements of developmental kinesiology, soft and mobilization techniques. We combine it with elements of the SM system and other types of correction exercises. Orthopedic care in the medical clinic is followed by surgical treatment at the orthopedic department of the Karviná - Ráj Hospital and one-day orthopedics at the Orlová Hospital

Examination by an English-speaking doctor is charged a one-time fee of 500 CZK.

Office hours

DayHoursAttending physician
Wednesday15:30 - 18:30MUDr. Podmajerský
Thursday15:30 - 18:30MUDr. Mifka
prim. MUDr. Martin Holinka, Ph.D.
CD. MUDr. Martin Holinka, Ph.D.

Clinical director of orthopedic department of the Karviná-Ráj Hospital, also operates orthopedic clinics with physiotherapy in Ostrava, Bruntál and Opava.

Since 2018, I have been seeing my patients in the orthopedic clinic on Masaryk Square in Ostrava, where I treat pain in your musculoskeletal system. Since 2021, I am also providing care with a team of doctors and nurses in the orthopedic clinic in Opava and Bruntál. My goal is to provide broadly available top-notch care with emphasis on human approach. We use the latest equipment in our outpatient clinics and put modern treatment procedures into practice.

Specialization: total replacement of large joints, revision surgeries after total replacements of large joints, open and reconstructive surgeries of joints, arthroscopic surgeries, foot and ankle surgery.

MUDr. Petr Mifka
MUDr. Petr Mifka

NANDANA orthopedics physician

Office hours for English-speaking patients - Thursday 15:30 – 18:30

MUDr. Igor Podmajerský
MUDr. Igor Podmajerský

NANDANA orthopedics physician

Office hours for English-speaking patients - Wednesday 15:30 – 18:30

Billing address

Ortopedie - Nandana s.r.o.
28. října 1837/25, 702 00 Ostrava
Czech Republic
IČO: 28651774
The company is registered at the Regional Court in Ostrava, file number C 37048. Date of registration March 11, 2011

  • Orthopedics NANDANA - Outpatient Ostrava
  • Orthopedics NANDANA - Outpatient Ostrava
  • Orthopedics NANDANA - Outpatient Ostrava
  • Orthopedics NANDANA - Outpatient Ostrava